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Hali-Das Computer Studies Is Aimed At Becoming The Leading ICT Training Institution In Ghana - Halidu Dasmani

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The C.E.O of Hali-Das computer studies Mr. Halidu Dasmani Asaan made this known when he was delivering a speech at the 2nd Graduation ceremony for their outgoing and incoming students on the 14th of January this year.

He disclose the mission of the school by saying that, the school is to academically provide the necessary skills and knowledge to students in order to secure a better job opportunity after their studies to reduce unemployment rate in Ghana.
Mr. Halidu further entreated that, their courses are purely practical and also qualify students are awarded diploma certificate and further academic studies.
He therefore added that, their aim and motive is to become the best leading ICT training institution in Ghana and West Africa as a whole.
In conclusion, he edge all the heads of institution and department to do HALIDAS and mother Ghana a favor by accepting the students when they come for attachment or jobs in their noble institutions after their completion.
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