INTRODUCTION: This program titled “English for Success” aims to fill the gaps in communication abilities. The objective of this program is to:  Enhance fluency in English with the aim to help the student to confidently face education and career situations. This program achieves its objectives through 7 levels of 60 hours each. 

These 240 hours of the English for Success program included Grammar, Listening, Pronunciation and Vocabulary. 



Certificate in English Language Communication

  •  Interactive computer-based learning of core concepts.
  • Themes to enable students to place themselves in day-to-day personal/professional situations and apply the concepts learnt.
  • Emphasis on vocabulary used in professional situations.
  • Focus on practice of concepts in Machine Room, at Home and in the Classroom.
  • Introduction to pronunciation rules and concepts.

 Contents of Fist Level:

  •  Read words with correct pronunciation
  • Recognize and use common name of things, objects and people etc. (singular and plural), in short phrases and in complete sentences.
  • Use a/an correctly with objects and people.
  • Recognize and use common expressions like sorry, thank you, greetings and goodbye.