INTRODUCTION: This course is designed with the following objectives: 

  • Get a understanding of concepts, tools, techniques and methods used in a multimedia environment. 
  • Enhance images and create appealing illustrations
  • Create engaging and interactive interfaces by using text, graphics

Candidates must possess JHS / SHS, Technical / Vocational, O’ level or its   equipment and any professional certificate.



Adobe Photoshop

> Exploring the working area of Photoshop

> Basic Photo Correction – Retouching

> Working with Selections

> Understanding Layers and working with mask and channels

> Creating Typographic Designs

> Vector drawing techniques

> Working with Files for the Web

Adobe Illustrator

> Introduction to Adobe Illustrator Workspace

> Designing Type and Layout

> Rethinking Construction and the use of Expressive Strokes

> Color transitions

> Reshaping Dimensions

> Mastering Complexity

> Understanding Linking and Embedding in Illustrator


> Getting started with CorelDRAW

> Drawing Shapes and Managing Objects

> Working with Colors and Bitmap

> Working with Text and using Layers

> Using Special Effects

> Printing and Exporting Drawings