This course is designed for students who have the desire to work as an MIS executive in any organization. 

Candidates must possess JHS / SHS, Technical / Vocational, O’ level or its   equipment and any professional certificate.




Organizations are facing constantly changing problems, diverse styles of working, and ever changing information needs, which offer a challenging context for developing computer based Management Information Systems (MIS). MIS uses computer technology to provide information and decision support to managers, helping them becomes more effective.

A MIS provides information that is needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively.  MIS are distinct from other information systems as they are used to analyze operational activities in the organization. Managers require data which is timely, precise, detailed, internal, and historical. Upper level managers need data which is aggregated, external as well as internal, future oriented as well as historical and covering a longer span time.  

  1. IT Fundamentals and Basics of MS-Office
  2. Advanced Office Productivity Tools
  3. Understanding Business & Customers
  4. Querying and Managing Data Using SQL Server
  5. Management Information System
  6. Work Simulation